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Charging Minds

Building Robot Vehicle
Building Robot Vehicle

Summer Camp & After School Programs

Our young campers will participate in a hands-on, project-based learning program centered around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Students will learn about the basic components of an electric circuit and put one together. Our older campers will build, program, troubleshoot, and even drive an electric go kart!

Youth Mentorship & Training

Training program that provides youth with the skills necessary for a career in the field of electric mobility  including electric motors, battery technology, solar, engineering, coding/programming, welding, and general automotive concept and design.

Fixing a Toycar
Teacher and Students in Science Class
Electric Grinder

Workshops for Kids and Adults

Classroom Instruction
Hands-On Shop Experience



Electric Vehicle Conversion

Solar Power

Get Involved:

Volunteer Opportunities

Position Title:

Administrative Volunteer


Flexible Mon-Thurs


Assist with paperwork

Position Title:

Camp Volunteer


4 hours Mon-Thurs

for week of 7/21-7-24


Assist with camp setup

Position Title:

Event Volunteer


4 hours Mon-Thurs

for week of 10/27


Assist with tabling and registration

E​VLC would not be where it is today without our wonderful volunteers who make it all possible. Please join us in appreciating our volunteers and all their hard work!


If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below. We provide volunteer opportunities to people in the community who wish to support our mission and create memorable experiences with like-minded individuals.

Volunteer with Us
Which days are you available?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

Volunteer Spotlight

Brian Bender

Brian is both a founder and volunteer at EVLC. He, along with 4 other volunteers started this organization in 2019. He is passionate about making science fun and accessible to all youth regardless of socioeconomic background. He loves the community EVLC has created. He feels that the quality of volunteers, donors and students that EVLC attracts is so special. When he's not at EVLC, you can find him flying planes. One interesting fact he would like you to know is that his family took a year off and moved to Vietnam in 2011.

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